Crossrail Complaints Commissioner

What the Commissioner cannot do

The Commissioner cannot become involved in the detail of a complaint unless you have already taken the matter up with the Crossrail Helpdesk.  The Helpdesk will try, in the first instance, to resolve the complaint through Crossrail Limited, London Underground Limited, or the works partners and contractors working on their behalf (including Network Rail on their Crossrail works).  If then you receive what you consider is an unsatisfactory response you may ask the Commissioner to investigate the matter further.

The Commissioner cannot consider issues of:-

    • Works that are not part of the Crossrail project
    • Compensation relating to property purchase,  property acquisition or blight,
    • matters already considered by Parliament in approving the Crossrail Act,
    • project details which are subject to the approval of the local planning authorities.
    • Claims for losses over £5,000.